Panther Mythic NFT


We are working on a project to create a Metaverse Archive Gallery of social issues.

We recruit artists who are with the issue of the project, reinterpret their work as digital works, and display them as NFTs. In addition, we provide a metaverse virtual space where supporters can be recruited and their NFTs can be archived.

This project is a periodic one, and anyone can access the Metaverse Archives Gallery.

class r
artist nft

Various artists such as music, visual, video, performance, craft, painting, sculpture, etc. will work with PANTHER MYTHIC each project.

In consultation with them, we reinterpret them as digital works and create NFTs that correspond to the real work of the artist.

ARTIST NFT holders with the CLASS R property can own the artist's real artwork through proof of claim.

class a
asset nft

All objects in the space of the Metaverse Archive Gallery are produced and sold with ASSET NFT. You can sponsor specific Metaverse Archive galleries by purchasing ASSET NFT.

ASSET NFT holders will have their OpenSea Username inscribed in the Hall of Sponsors located near the interior entrance to the space of the Metaverse Archive Gallery where the ASSET NFT is located.

class e
frame nft

Frames are placed in various locations within all metaverse archive galleries.

You can purchase FRAME NFTs in specific locations to display and promote your NFTs in those locations.

Road MAP

PANTHER MYTHIC is a metaverse production crew whose purpose is to show the world how much artists and communities are interested in the social issue by creating a metaverse archive gallery that reflects a particular theme.

The issues we are going to deal with mainly deal with the socially focused phenomenon and the stories of artists expressing their opinions through art on the phenomenon.

The Metaverse Archive Gallery is archived as a video on the YouTube channel of PANTHER MYTHIC based on the opening time, and is archived on the server, so anyone can download and access it. The link to the download server is posted at the bottom of the YouTube video and on the official website.

After the archive, that gallery is no longer updated. For this reason, holders who want to archive their NFT or account in the Metaverse Archive Gallery (ASSET NFT, FRAME NFT) must ultimately hold the NFT until the Metaverse Archive Gallery is opened.

ASSET NFT holders
When the gallery opens, you can first find ASSET NFT holders who have contributed to the theme of the Metaverse Archive Gallery at the entrance.

FRAME NFT holders
As you move while admiring the Metaverse Archive Gallery, you can see the works and NFTs of various holders exhibiting their works in the FRAME NFT displayed at every road you pass. They are also our grateful supporters.

ARTIST NFT holders
You can also purchase NFTs from OpenSea while viewing the ARTIST NFTs on display in the exhibition space. ARTIST NFT holders are entitled to receive a real artwork if their NFT includes the CLASS R property.