Learn the Panther Mythic NFT workflow

The connection between digital work and real work

The NFT sold by PantherMythic is a digital work created with the motif of the real work of an artist with a long career. It serves as digital ownership.

How to prove the original work of the real work

The actual work is sent with the following documents enclosed in a package upon delivery.

1) The artist's guarantee that the NFT digital work and the real work match
2) The artist's real work guarantee
2) NFT token QR code attached to the real work
3) A statement of fact from PantherMythic certifying that fact

How to claim

Token owners who own digital NFT works have the right to receive real works.

Token owners send us their emails through Instagram and Discord accounts on OpenSea accounts that match their NFT wallets.

We will send the delivery address entry form and PayPal invoice for the delivery fee to the token owner's email.

The NFT owner enters the delivery address and pays the delivery amount on the delivery invoice that was sent, and the delivery process begins.

How to claim

A physical work is linked to one physical work per NFT.
When PantherMythic delivers the work to the first recipient of the physical work (the recipient of the physical work is the owner of the digital NFT work)
PantherMythic no longer owns the physical work (no shipping).

※Beware of counterfeit products!

Here's how you can tell if you own a physical work on PantherMyhic

How to buy NFT

Panther Mythic conducts NFT trading on OpenSea. Go to PantherMythic's OpenSea store link for payment of each NFT work.

Metaverse exhibition

Visit Panther Mythic's virtual exhibition space!

In Panther Mythic's virtual exhibition space, you can experience digital artwork and confirmation of the artist in a more interactive way.