Use ARTIST NFT to receive Real Artwork

In this page, you will find out how holders of ARTIST NFTs with the CLASS R property request us to ship their real Artworks.

1. Please check that PANTHER MYTHIC has a real artwork that matches the corresponding ARTIST NFT.

You can go to PANTHERMYTHIC ARTIST NFT STORAGE to see if we have the artwork in question.

AVAILABLE NOW : Real artwork available for delivery

OUT OF STOCK : Real artwork cannot be delivered

Why are PANTHER MYTHIC unable to send artwork?

This is because the past holder of your ARTIST NFT has already received the artwork.

2. If you checked the PANTHER MYTHIC ARTIST NFT STROAGE, please fill out the form now.

Fill out the FORM by navigating to the page.

3. Please check the message that arrives at the SNS account you entered in the form.

We send a message to the social media account of the form you wrote.

※PANTHER MYTHIC uses @panthermythic for both Twitter and Instagram accounts.

4. Finally, PAYPAL INVOICE will be sent to your email.

Shipping of the artwork will begin within 7 days after payment of the invoice delivery fee has been paid. When delivery starts, the tracking number and company information of the delivery are sent to your SNS account.

(example image)