Orem Doye _ Muhyuen Jo


Name: Muhyuen Jo
Region: Gwang-Ju

"Designer's DNA"

-Oreum Ceramic Artist Jo Moo-hyun

"Ceramics is a medium of communication"

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 Jo Moo-hyun, who majored in industrial design, felt that the property of industrial design, which had to consider the efficiency of materials and consumer-centered thinking rather than his individuality, did not match him during his college days.

 He enjoyed contemplating in-depth how to reveal the artist's personality, so he embarked on a full-fledged craft path to reveal the artist's individuality..

 Completely his own creative work gave him freedom. result in their pure form, created by hand, captured his heart.

 With such creative freedom, the designer's DNA in his deep innermost spirit burns generously with the many elements that can always be combined with new changes while prefer on handmade.




Ceramic Artist Jo Moo-hyun says that ceramics and people have the same relationship. In the same way that people who see each other often have more to say to each other, the more they do ceramics, the more they see and want to try new things.

 There is a way to tell the difference between dead pottery and living pottery, he says.

 It's usability. Porcelain that is not usable is dead porcelain, but porcelain that is frequently used is living porcelain.

 So, he says, you can't do good work without new communication with people who use good pottery.



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