Mignag Yo _ YoungJae Noh

Name: Young-Jae Noh
Region: Gwang-Ju

guardian of tradition

-Young-Jae Noh of Migangyo Workshop

Good pottery is when the line is alive.




 There are respected generals in the history of Korea. They take pride in themselves as guardians of and defend their beliefs and missions and have long been respected by people.

 Potter Young-jae Noh of Migangyo Workshop resembles such Korean generals.

 In fact, he set up his own workshop in the Gwangju area, where the last ceramic workshop that supplied ceramics to the royal family was located.

 He is proud of the fact that he has his own workshop there, and he has deep knowledge and pride in the history of Gwangju and Gwangsil ceramics.




 His work follows three directions of design.

 The first is 'reproduction'. It is a work of reproducing works with traditional patterns and shapes of pottery delivered to the royal family in the past.

 The second is 'interpretation'. It is a work that reflects the history of Gwangju, which he is proud of, in some of his works.

 The third is 'breaking the limit'. His work is a crystallization of fine carvings and numerous techniques. However, he is challenging himself to go beyond his own limits in order to succeed in a more delicate and concentrated, intense and beautiful pattern.



 He spoke of traditional patterns with much of the history of the royal pottery area. It is said that the meaning of mokdan symbolizes wealth and prosperity, the meaning of bats ward off misfortune in the family, and long-lived creatures such as tortoises contain long-term health and prayers. He uses it in his work.


 Young-Jae Noh, a potter, is breaking through his limits today, looking forward to the day when potters from all over the country will gather in Gwangju to continue the glorious history of royal pottery of the past. I hope that the meaning of good fortune in the traditional Korean patterns drawn on the pottery that contains his spirit will have a positive impact on you as well.





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