Dogong-Story Workshop _ Hohyu Son



Name: Ho-gyu Son
Region: Icheon

‘Artist Father's Skills’

-Potter Ho-gyu Son of Dogong-Story Workshop


 Ho-gyu Son came into contact with ceramics by chance.

 He went to and from various workshops with his seniors to learn pottery.

  As time passed, many people who started pottery together quit pottery for economic reasons, but Hogyu Son persisted and worked pottery, raising a family and overcoming difficult times.

 At this time, he accepted pottery as a means and actively accepted change.

 For artists, making changes is not an easy task.

 This is because changing the style of a work that has been adhered to can be a big risk.

 However, for writer Hogyu Son, the meaning of change was to create new and original opportunities and to protect the family. That thought made him not hesitate to change.



 There were three great challenges in his pottery life.

 It was a challenge to recreate tradition and advance technology, a challenge to introduce modern design later, and a challenge to the development of beautiful colors that have been passed down to the present.

 Also, now he is immersed in two things. One is to pass on his pottery to his children, and the other is to continue the challenge of creating his most beautiful colors.

 He never forgets the stars in the night sky and the galaxies in space he always looked up to during difficult times. He sees the stars, the universe and the galaxies as equal objects of comfort to those in need.

 As an artist, when the spark of creation burns in his heart, he writes poetry, capturing the beauty of the universe that he still has in his heart through his ceramic works.