Baekcam Doyo _ Tae-Hoon Lee

Name: Tae-Hoon Lee
Region: Gwang-Ju

Creativity found in the most familiar

Tae-Hoon Lee, a potter at Baekdam Pottery Workshop.

“A good product is grasped by the heart before the head.”


 Potter Tae-hoon Lee is the son of Gwang Lee, a master of Gyeonggi-do, who is a disciple of Soon-tak Ji, an National intangible cultural Heritage.

 During his lifetime, Mr. Gwang Lee made various pieces of furniture throughout the house out of ceramics. Ceramic artist Tae-Hoon Lee grew up with ceramics.

 One day he helped his father build a traditional kiln in the front yard of his house.

 At that time, pottery from the Joseon Dynasty was unearthed in the front yard of his house.

 When he reported to the government, the government designated the front of his house as Historic Site No. 314.

  Pottery was nothing special to ceramist Lee Tae-hoon, who grew up around ceramics.

 He devoted himself to the studies he wanted to pursue and studied international commerce.

 It must have been a difficult choice for a young artist, Tae-Hoon Lee, to choose pottery work as his lifelong career. How did potter Taehoon Lee choose to continue his life of ceramics?

 The opportunity for ceramic potter Tae-hoon Lee to see his everyday ceramics again was when he deepened his studies of international trade and materials science.

 He was exposed to various ceramic works from around the world in order to devote himself to his studies.

 And when he returned home, the pottery in his house no longer seemed ordinary to him.

 Rather, they looked like colorful and creative ceramics.

 Based on the solid work skills he has been doing since childhood, Tae-Hoon Lee, a potter today, creates pottery and shapes for various purposes by grafting various contents he saw, heard, and learned to pottery.

 He is currently obsessed with making colorful pottery, and now creates free-form pottery that makes the most of his feelings.