Dain Doye _ GiSeon Yeon

Name: Gisun - Yeon
Region: Gwang-Ju

'At one stroke'

- Yeon Ki-Seon from Dain Ceramics Art

"I live a life bound to the soil."


 People who realize the charm of ceramics will fall in love with it. The emotional stability provided by the act of making pottery resembles a calm meditation that cannot be expressed in words.

 The difference is that ceramics is a creative act in which a single substance is “born”. Therefore, if you do not follow the correct procedure, the final process, 'Judgment of Fire', will give a sober judgment and determine success or failure.

 The whole process of ceramics is a set of single acts. So there is no perfect ceramics in the world. There is only one act that is more perfect than the author's standards.

 The pattern-breaking technique is a traditional technique and is seen as the soberest procedure among the pottery-making procedures. Imagine having to draw one beautiful circle on a piece of ceramics that you spend a lot of time on. This is your first and last chance. It cannot be erased or added.

 Artist Yeon Ki-Seon is the grandson of a potter [Onggijangi] and the son of the greatest pottery engineer of the time. He inherited the characteristics and the pottery technique, which he was trained and studied for a long time. The setbacks and failures he went through for one stroke made him stronger. Also, even at the peak, he still fears the sense of shame from failure.

However, such fears make his work, made with precise sculpting that is invisible at the moment, reminiscent of swordsmen of the past. His one stroke is as cold as 'judgment of fire.'

His growth has no end in sight.


Onggijangi: Artisans using traditional techniques to create Onggi, large pots made from clay



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