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2022.05.10 ~ 2022.05.31
[Open]SHUNCO 강아지 미끄럼 방지매트
국내 히트상품 SHUNCO의 강아지 미끄럼 방지매트 공동구매를 진행합니다.
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Regions and Potters

We have discovered and introduced porcelain artists from regions that represent Korea's traditional porcelain. We ask for your interest so that the works of great potters can spread to the world.


Local master hands that carry on the Korean tradition.

This video is a video made by Icheon City Hall in South Korea of the masters of porcelain in Icheon, a region famous for porcelain.

Icheon Master Hand



These are some of the most beautiful dishes I have come across in my humble opinion. The only problem is that I bought 2 sets because I like the first set so much and the second set was great and matched perfectly with the first set.

Edward III
Pennsylvania, PA

The colors on this set are rich and deep. absolutely beautiful! We were pleasantly surprised that the bowls and mugs are nice and large.

Athena R. Adkisson
Oregon, OR

They go well with my mission style home. The dishes are large and the dinner plates could almost serve as a platter because they are so large.

Ann Kim
Los Angeles, CA

I like these plates so much, I would be interested to know if the plates alone can be ordered separately

Angie Molleck
Syracuse, NY

I bought these for extra dishes when hosting holidays. They are a little smaller than the pictures but I think they are just right. I love that it only came with the dinner, salad and small bowl.

Jen D.
West Virginia